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At EinsteinllPlus it has always been our aim to build strong math's and English skills and a genuine love for learning in our pupils, rather than working to pass a test. We believe that the confidence we instill in our pupils will continue to serve them throughout secondary school and beyond.

Shazia Naguthney


Thank you to the entire team for prepping my son for his grammar school tests. He has made so much progress over the year & was well prepared for both tests over the last couple of weeks. The mock exams he did throughout the last few months were an excellent ‘taster’ of what he would be facing. Thank you again! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anybody looking for tutors. 😊

A huge thank you to the Einstein11plus team for the recent 11+ intensive sessions you put together. The sessions massively helped my daughter to focus on specific topic areas and work on exam techniques. The intensives were really well organised and a great way to build confidence as the exam draws closer. Would definitely recommend these intensive sessions to others who just want to give their child that final boost. Thank you again for all the support you have given us throughout the last couple of years.

Clare Creighton


Choosing a tutor for our daughters 11+ preparation was a daunting task, but Einstein11plus was by far the best choice we could have made. From day one the pupils (and parents) were made to feel at ease with each learning process with guidance and encouragement throughout. The teachers were always on hand for advice and reassurance, with a gentle hug now and again for those mini meltdowns. The mock exams were spot on for practice and very accurate benchmarks. The intensives really gave us a huge push too. I would recommend Sania and her team to anyone putting their child through the 11+ exam and will definitely be back in the future with my son. Thanks again to all the team for helping our Daughter achieve such an amazing result x

Katie Roberts


The Einstein11plus teachers from day one, created a lovely atmosphere with a ‘family feel’ to what is a daunting/unknown journey for both parents and children. They approach each new topic at the right level ensuring the children are challenged but feel happy in their learning environment. Parents are kept regularly up to date, which in the later months is most welcome the closer the exam date gets! From choosing the right practice materials to calming last minute nerves we have felt expertly advised and totally supported along the way. This small group environment is one that I would highly recommend for anyone considering 11+ tuition. Thank you Both for all your hard work and support!

Tracey Dore


Einstein11plus tuition has been an absolute wonderful experience for us. The teachers don't just tutor your child, but they really do genuinely care about them aswell. Their caring and nurturing teaching style helped our daughter enormously with the demands the 11+ can place on a child. She would always return home from her lesson smiling, happy and re-charged for the week ahead. Having previously sent her to a different tutor I don't believe we would have had the same positive outcome if she had stayed with them. Einstein11plus has been a real God-send, and i am eternally grateful for this tuition group it is second to none!! I highly recommend you use this group if you need a high standard of good quality teaching with a caring approach.

Rozy minor


Absolutely fantastic team of people. Very passionate about what they do and provide an outstanding service which feels very personal. The tuition, mocks and intensives are extremely good value for money. The tutors go above and beyond in every way. I would highly recommend using them as they are very professional and deliver high quality results.

Ambreen Zahid


I had previously tried several tutors for my son including a well established company, but felt that progress was very slow and he frequently came home with homework which included new concepts that he hadn't been taught. He was becoming increasingly demotivated and after doing some practice papers in the December of year 5 I too was very alarmed and at the point of giving up. It was then that I took him to Sania who worked with him in a small group and I immediately noticed a difference in the way my son engaged with his studies and his homework. The main difference was that lessons were actually taught by qualified teachers who understood each child's learning needs. My son is now in year 9 at Bishop Vesey and he is thriving, I really believe that the tuition he received helped him to build a strong foundation for secondary school and not just to pass a test. I would recommend Einstein11plus without hesitation.

Emma Winmill


I went into the process unsure of how my daughter would cope with the pressure of the 11+. She really wanted to sit the test but I kept questioning myself: are we doing the right thing? What if this process lowers her confidence? I can honestly say that Sania and the team have been incredible tutors in that they have always sought to look out for her and ensure that she is calm and cared for. When she has felt under pressure I have always known that they will listen to her and give helpful advice and support. My daughter has learnt so much this year, and when she went into the test I felt that she was armed with the tools and knowledge to do the best that she could do. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I know foundations in learning have been built this year that will stand my daughter in good stead as she moves into secondary school.

Hong Feng Sun


The course is extremely useful and professionally taught. My son was very well prepared for 11plus exam. The tutors are very experienced and helpful with all aspects of the work involved. Including mocks intensives and general information too. This is a very professional and friendly service where each child is valued.

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